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Art Marju Duchain

Art Marju Duchain

Art Marju Duchain

Art Marju Duchain was formed in 1995 by a mysterious man named Kai. While staying in Osaka, he met the renowned Mana, who was a great musical influence on Kai. The first set of members didn't last too long, so Kai traveled to Tokyo in search of a new cast. As a result of his journey, the new cast consisted of Miyabi (vocals), Meila (bass), and Yuzuru (guitar). Unfortunately Miyabi and Meila left soon afterwards, while a new member, named Ryu, joined as bassist. This meant that there were only three members left: Kai, Yuzuru, and Ryu. Finally in 2003, the bands activities went silent, so it is assumed they are on an indefinite hiatus.

As far as I know, Art Marju Duchain has released only one short album: "Demon est Deus Inversus." I do not know about the whereabouts of Kai, or any of the other members of Art Marju Duchain, nor do I know if the band has truly "disbanded." Since they have not, to my knowledge, announce disbanding, it is assumed that they are simply on an indefinite hiatus.

*This article was written by me, Cindy, and has been submitted to other sites, such as J-music Ignited (so no, I did not "steal" it from their site). Please do not use this article without my permission.

(I don't know who they are...)

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