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AUSHVITZ ~Simplified history

AUSHVITZ ~Simplified history~

If you are too lazy to just read the summary/history I have on the main AUSHVITZ page, you can just read this and get a basic idea of the history of this band.

Band name: AUSHVITZ
Pronunciation: AUSHUVITTSU
Previously known as: Valkyr
Type: Indies
Status: Active (But they haven't produced any albums since 2003...)
Began: 2002

Current members:
Bass: Kyoichi (京一)
Vocals & Guitar: Syu (脩)
Drums: Kon (魂)
Guitar: Naoki (直樹)

Former members:
Bass: Tsui (left the band in 2002)
Keyboard, Vocal: A (support member; left the band in 2002)



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