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Concert Reviews

Well here are two accounts by two completely different people from two different parts of the United States (and no, I do not know either of them personally. However, yes, I did receive permission from both of them to use their written accounts)...and well...these are technically not concert "reviews" so to speak, but more like...personal accounts of a concert. @_@* (I don't know...whatever). Also, if you have a problem with the fact that the background is black and the text is white, well...that's just too bad. Copy and paste it into some word processing program and change the colors yourself (sorry but I can't suit everyone's preferences). So anyway, I'm quite envious of both Shannon & Vori. I became quite jealous after reading the "Dir en Grey in Los Angeles" article by Vori Salzman because she actually met a few girls who got the privilege of receiving back stage passes. T_T* I'm also slightly envious of you too Shannon live in Maryland and went to their concert in NYC and I couldn't, meanwhile I actually live in New York! *cries* =__=* (Okay I'm not truly "envious" or anything, but I do wish I could be more like you guys...) *sigh* Just read their wonderful articles and see what I mean!
So anyway, enough with my bullshit. If you would like to submit any concert reviews or whatever, then e-mail me with your name (but if you would prefer to use a pen name, that's fine too) and website (optional). Here are my requirements for article submissions: First, use a goddamned wordprocessor! Although I'm relatively good with spelling and stuff, I really don't like having to waste my time proofreading and editing articles for spelling and grammar. =__+* I just want to read (and enjoy) your article. Lastly, I know quality is better than quantity, but please make sure your article is a decent length. I'm not going to set a standard size, but just don't send me 5 sentences saying something like "It was so good! They were so hot!" because that is just...pointless. Try to be descriptive, use relevant facts, your opinions, etc. And all. @_@* Sure, you don't have to be all proper because this isn't an essay for English class (so yes, you may use profanity), but *please please PLEASE* try to put some effort into your work. +_+* If you didn't quite understand what I was asking for, then please read any of the articles below. As you can see, both of these authors wrote freelance, however, organization and a sturdy structure is still quite evident in both. That's all I ask for... Comprende?