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Danger*Gang Profiles

Danger☆Gang Profiles

For once, here's a band full of actual women. Even after hearing a song 2 by them, it's still hard to believe that every member, including the lead singer (most surprising of all), is female.

Name: Waka
Sex: Female
Birthday: May 5th
Blood Type: B
Live: Tokyo
Born: Tokyo
Position in band: singer
Height: 158.5cm
Weight: -
Shoesize: 23.5~24
Cigarettes: LARK ultra menthol
Favorite food: Chocolate, pickled plum
Favorite drink: Mineral water, Milk, Oolong tea, Plum tea, Lemonade, Vegetable juice, Japanese pumpkin soup.
Favorite movie: Akira, Rose, Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, Blues Brothers, Pirates of the Caribeean, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, The Rocky Horror Picture Show,Velvet Goldmine
Favorite music: KOЯN, SlipKnot, Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Murder Dolls, Sorrow, KISS, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, David Bowie, Marilyn Manson, X, hide, Zilch, Bang Doll, Dengeki Groove, Chucky
Favorite brand: Sexy Dynamite. London, SEX POT ReVeNGe, Algonquins
Favorite perfume: Anna Sui, Happy Birthday
Favorite animal: dog
Respected person: Kaori Kawamura, Bette Midler, Jonathan Davis, H.R. Giger
Doing on holidays: there's no holidays
Want to go: Disneyland

Name: Hiko
Sex: Female
Birthday: December 10th
Blood Type: A
Live: Tokyo
Born: Kiryu
Position in band: Guitar
Height: Around 170cm-171,5cm
Weight: -
Shoe size: 25cm depending on type of shoe. 25-26 cm
Cigarettes: Marlboro menthol light
Favorite food: White meal, Cornflakes, Okra, Chocolate, Red bean paste
Hated food: Tomatoes
Favorite drink: Milk, Soy milk, beer
Hated drink: Coffee, Bloody Mary, Whiskey, Cocktail, Wine
Favorite movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Velvet Goldmine, Seven, Blues Brothers, Rose
Favorite brand: Pink Dragon, Sexy Dynamite. London, Miracle woman
Favorite parfume: BVLGARI woman
Favorite animal: All animals
Respected person: Mum, Minnie Mouse and Mask rider
Dream: To be a Rock Star!
Doing on holidays: Laundry, visit other towns, shopping, go to concerts
Want to go: Nation wide tour, England, Kyoto

Name: Thera
Sex: Female
Birthday: September 24th
Blood Type: A
Live: Tokyo
Born: Osaka-shi
Position in band: bass
Height: 170.4cm
Weight: -
Shoesize: -
Cigarettes: KOOL Mild BOX
Favorite food: Pickles
Favorite drink: Boss Cafe au lait
Hated drink:Alcohol!
Favorite movie: Edward Scissorhands, TenkŻ no shiro Rapyuta, My Neighbor Totoro, Pirates of the Caribbean, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Crow, Biohazard
Favorite music: Linkin Park, Evanescence, GUN DOG, Pich sifters, weezer, Brah Man, Marilyn Manson, Shiina Ringo, hide, Mad Capsels Market, COCCO, Zilch, machine
Favorite brand: Algonquins, Sexy Dynamite. London
Favorite parfume: Jean Paul GAULTIER, SAMURAI Woman
Favorite animal: cat
Respected person: no specific person
Doing on holidays: Laundry and sleeping
Want to go: 一蘭(Ichi Ran), which is a ramen restaurant

Name: Rei
Sex: Female
Birthday: February 18th
Blood Type: AB
Live: Tokyo
Born: Chiba
Position in band: drums
Height: 170cm
Weight: -
Shoesize: 25.0
Cigarettes: (does not smoke)
Favorite food: peach, green soybeans, tako kimchi, ratatuyu
Favorite drink: Beer, green tea, chinese tea, and black coffee
Favorite movie: Life is beautiful, The Last Samurai, Lime Light, City Lights
Favorite music: Rock music, and also classical music.
Favorite brand: Shoop,Boop,Mars
Favorite perfume: Romantic Rose
Favorite animal: dog, cat and rabbit
Respected person(s): Parents
Doing on holidays: There is no rest on holidays!
Want to go: -

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Credit: Danger*Gang no theme for the information that was included on this page.

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