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Dir en Grey in New York City

Dir en Grey in New York City

Written by: Shannon

Okay.. without a doubt, this entry is going to be extremely long.. so only read if you actually care about what happened at the Diru concert in detail. I swear it isn't as boring as you may think. ^.^;; To make things easier on your brain (and on mine.. ) I'll separate stuff into sections. =P

Before the Diru concert

So.. Katie, Maria and I woke up around 6ish and got ready because we had to drive down to my aunts in Baltimore so that we could leave our car with her and she could take us to the bus station. My mom was as frantic as ever -.- but we managed.

We made it to the station and got on a bus that we thought was ours.. but it wasn't. Most of the people on that bus were really mean and thought that we were intentionally trying to steal their seats. x_x This one woman was talking on her cell phone and she was like "I'd like to see them TRY and take mah muthfuckin' seat yo!"



Any who, we finally made it to the right bus which barely had any people on it. It was awesome because we pretty had the entire back of the bus to ourselves. Shweetness.

Hm after about 4 hours on the bus, we made to NYC! Hooray. It was great. Check-in for the hotel wasn't until 3.. and we were there at about 1ish. Sooo we all decided that since the club that the concert was at was 2 blocks away, we would walk there and scope out the scene. We were all thinking the same thing:

"We're six hours early.. no one could possibly be there now."

Man... we were so very wrong.

We approached the club and there was a HUGE line. It started at the entrance and curved around to the side of the club and about a block down the sidewalk. o.o I was so pissed. We were all bummed out.. but we decided that we didn't want to wait until the line was like.. 5 blocks long so we rushed to the hotel, crammed all three of ourselves into a one person bathroom in the hotel lobby and took about 45 minutes getting ready.

We walked back to the club.. Maria getting whistled at and having guys in cars beeping at her because she looked like a hooker. xD But seriously.. she was very shmexy (I love you Maria <3 ^^;;).

We got in line and waited. After a little while two girls got behind us and we chatted with them off and on. They seemed pretty nice. I think they were 18 *random*.

We were still pretty bummed because we were at the end of an extremely long line.. but after awhile, more people show up. By 7:00 PM (when the doors opened), we were no longer at the end, we were dead center. ^^

But before 7:00 PM.. we waited in the freezing cold for 5 hours. And you might say to yourself "Wow! 5 hours?! That's dedication! *le gasp*" Oho no.. wanna know how those people in the very front got there? They waited in front of the club at 12:00 midnight.

Yeah. Some people waited for 19 hours. They slept in front of the club. Sure. They got the cops called on them.. but afterwards, they just came back and sat in front again.

That's dedication.

5 hours was miserable.. but 19? Holy shit.

So.. we waited some more.. camera crews kept coming by and videotaping the audience in line.. like I said, I think it's for a dvd. If it is, that's awesome, cause I'm on it. ^_^ Also, some guy came out of the club with a camera and a nametag (so I'm guessing he was part of the staff?) and said:

"Can I take your picture for a production compilation?"

Me: Pssh yeah!

Maria: *talking on the phone* Hold on Connor I have to call you back!

*all of us pose*

^.^ I don't know what that piccu was for.. but I hope it was for something associated with Dir en grey.

Anyways.. as we neared 6:00 PM (or what I like to call "crunch time" xD) I started getting sick because:

1. My stomach was all "sloshy" because earlier Katie and Maria did a pizza run and we ate some pizza.

2. My mom came by around the 3rd hour and brought us starbucks.. making my stomach more "sloshy".

3. I was exhausted because I only sat down twice the entire time we had been in line.. and it was freezing.

So.. I got sick because of exhaustion and I really thought I was going to puke. Luckily I didn't. The line started moving early because the free-will-america people must've had the sense to realize that it would've taken at least 2 hours to let all 800 people in.

Also.. I'm easily distracted. Some guy came around handing out ads for a thing that was going on in the club on Friday called "Church Fridays" and he looked and Katie, Maria and I, gave Maria an ad and says all smooth-like

"Repent for your sins ladies"

*_* The way he said it made me want to bang him. xD He was awesome. A little bit after that.. we made it to the door and made it inside the club.

During the concert

Mmkay. So, we made it inside FINALLY and got to the floor.




We were going to go on the second floor so we could look down on the stage.. but I didn't want to be so far away and have less of a chance at catching something that they might throw.

We were very squished together with random people and we weren't as close to the stage as I had wanted to be but I coped. After about an HOUR >>;; the concert started and the opening band "Still Life Decay" came on. I had heard some of their music before off of their MySpace and I thought they were pretty good.

After seeing them in person, I fell in love with the lead singer. *swoon* He had dreads of glory, awesome tattoos, really pale skin and he was just.. too cool. I liked them.. but I had been waiting in line for 5 hours for DIRU not them.. so I was enjoying myself.. but at the same time I wanted them to get off so Diru could get on.

After they played their last song, people began setting up Diru's equipment and my heart was pounding like mad.

The owner of the club got mad at us for being so violent and told us to back up because apparently, the barricades in the very front (between the crowd and the stage) got pushed up to the stage. It sucked because during "Still Life Decay's" performance, we had managed to get closer to the stage than we were before.. but then he told us all to move back so we ended up in the very back again. -__- I was so pissed.

After realizing that we were pissed, some other guy (who was really funny) got on stage and was like:

"Guys seriously.. if you push the barricades, the band will have to stop playing and eventually, the concert will end. What's the point of pushing anyway? You're not going to get on stage and we all know you guys don't know how to play guitar. Plus, all this shit is in fuckin' Japanese so you won't understand what the hell is going on."

xD He was hilarious.

After he left, the lights went out, and the music for Diru started. Shinya came out first I believe.. and after that, I was too busy screaming to pay attention to the rest.

It was the most amazing thing seeing them in concert. Kyo is even sexier in person than he is on tape! As soon as they finished playing CLEVER SLEAZOID I was hyper-ventilating and crying like a little bitch.

I couldn't help it. I was so excited and happy, but extremely depressed that I wasn't closer.

Diru went on to play pretty much the entirety of "Withering to Death". After that, they took a cigarette break and went backstage. People started chanting "Dir en grey" over and over again. Of course, I joined in.. but eventually it died out.

Not wanting Diru to feel the slightest bit of discouragement, I started a second wave of the chanting by screaming and "DIR EN GREY, DIR EN GREY.. etc" even louder than before.

Mehe. It was one of my two proudest moments in the concert.

They came back out, Kaoru raising his fists and Kyo strutting out looking kickass. They started playing "Marmalade Chainsaw" and Kyo had his shirt off. It was glorious. He even put his hand down his pants and all the girls (including me) just lost it and started screaming like we were being raped. XD

During one song (I can't remember which one) Toshiya came to the edge of the stage and beckoned for people to jump and no one did! So I jumped up and screamed and I swear, we met eyes for about 2 seconds and he smiled as if he had accomplished something.

You might think that it's my inner fangirl talking.. but it isn't. I swear on all things holy to me. ^_^

Oh my god, after they played their last song, they started throwing things out into the audience. Kaoru and Toshiya threw picks (none of which I caught), Shinya threw his drum sticks and Kyo dumped a bucket of water on himself and threw the bucket out to us.

Toshiya and Kaoru also dumped water on people.. but I wasn't close enough to get wet from that. :(

But I did get hit with Kyo's water from the bucket, which I ALMOST got but some girl got hit in the face with it and took it. I really, really, really wanted that bucket...


I screamed so loud my throat felt like it was about to bleed. My feet hurt, my arms hurt from waving them, and I was really hot and gross.

After the Diru concert

Afterwards, I rushed to the merchandise booth and almost got killed. o.o People were like beating other people up to get to the front to buy stuff. Lucky for me, I made it to the front relatively quickly and bought a shirt, and a poster.

I really wanted "Withering to Death" (the U.S. release) but I didn't have enough money.. so.. I *cough* stole it.

Yeah yeah.. I know. But it was $30 and I didn't have that. =/ So I just took it. Get over it people..

After I got my shtuff, I pushed my way through and waited for Katie and Maria outside. I was crying and hyperventilating again because I couldn't believe what had just happened. I couldn't believe that I saw Dir en grey in concert. I was also upset because I wasn't close and I didn't catch anything (unless you count the fact that I caught Toshiya's eye.. haha.. horrible joke..).

But overall, after I stopped being hysterical, I had the best time of my life.

This was, by far, the best concert I have ever been to. And you know what? Due to the fact that they had an INCREDIBLE turn-out Diru is bound to come back real soon.

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