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Galneryus is a Japanese power-metal band that was formed in 2001 with Yama-B (lead vocals), Syu (guitar & backing vocals), Tsui (bass), A (keyboards), and Toshihiro (drums). Syu, the famous guitarist from the heavy metal bands Valkyr, Animetal, and AUSHVITZ (in which he is also the lead vocalist), and Yama-B (vocals), who has worked with bands such as Gunbridge and Rekion, originally formed Galneryus with A (keyboards; formerly of Valkyr) and Toshihiro (drums; formerly of Honey Quest and Cemetary), however they both left the band. Eventually Yuhki (keyboards; formerly of Ark Storm) and Junichi Satoh (drums) joined in order to replace A and Toshihiro. The current members of Galneryus are Yama-B (vocals), Syu (guitar & backing vocals), Tsui (bass), Yukhi (keyboard) and Junichi Satoh (drums).

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Yama-B Yama-B
Syu Syu Syu Syu
Tsui Tsui
Yuhki Yuhki
Satoh Satoh

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