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Guruguru Eigakan

Guruguru Eigakan

Guruguru Eigakan

Guruguru Eigakan originally started in 1995 with Amano (vocals and guitar), Yoshikawa (bass and vocals), Matsushima (drums), and Yamada (guitar). During this time, they did what they have always done: blend musical performances with comic theater performances. In 2002, the line-up changed completely, and the band now features Yoshikawa Masatoshi (vocals and bass), Yamada Shunsuke (guitar), and Matsushima Kouji (drums).

Despite some sites pointing out that Guruguru Eigakan has been disbanded, this is partially true. Guruguru Eigakan's old band members may have left, but there's a new "Guruguru Eigakan" with a new cast. As of April 22, 2005, they continue performing live.

I'm sorry that I don't have many pictures of this band, but I can't seem to find anything on them. If you have any pictures of Guruguru Eigakan and you would like to donate them to me, I would really appreciate it. Click here to e-mail me.


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