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Huang YiDa

Huang YiDa

Name: Huang Yida, YiDA
Nationality: Singapore
Birthday: August, 11
Measurements: 32 28 35
Zodiac sign: Leo
Blood type: A+
Height: 172 cm (5'7")
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Family members: Father, mother, older sister, older brother
Personality: Frank, doesn't like speaking
Favorite person: Family members
Personal motto: "I am Yida"
Instruments: Guitar, piano
Favorite music: Japanese music
Admires: X-Japan
Interests: Listening to music, playing games, composing music, play guitar, play piano
Background: Entered music school from age 16 until now
Favorite exercise: Jogging
Favorite activity: Internet
Favorite season: Winter
Favorite holiday: Crossover year (kuai nian)
Favorite drink: Doesn't matter, as long as it's sweet
Favorite food: Mother's food
Favorite book: Doesn't especially like any, but reads the paper everday, and likes reading computer magazines
Favorite clothes: T-shirt and jeans
Favorite animal: dog
Favorite cartoon character: Dragonball characters
Favorite body feature: Eyes
Favorite country: Japan
Thing most wanted to do: Turn own music into a large-scale symphony orchestra
Star most wanted to work with: Doesn't invite anyone to work together
Most motivated experience: Publishing a record

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