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~:+SuperhumanChichi's Planet Asia+:~ (English)

~:+SuperhumanChichi's Planet Asia+:~

Hello! Welcome to ~:+SuperhumanChichi's Planet Asia+:~! This site contains information, pictures, and some other miscellaneous things dealing with Asian (for now, just Japanese, Korean, and Chinese) singers and groups. In some cases, foreign characters will be used on certain pages, so it is recommended that you change your language settings to "Unicode." (In order to do so, simply right click on this webpage, go to "Encoding," and then choose "Unicode (UTF-8).")

If you do not understand English, here are 4 other versions that I have been working on:

En Français | Auf Deutsch | 日本語 | En Español

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June 28, 2006:

I have finally come to the realization that this site was a complete waste of time. After a year filled with countless hours spent working on this site, I have decided to just call it quits. I hope you all understand (no one even liked it anyway).
Goodbye~ <3 Cindy.

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