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MALICE MIZER was originally formed in 1992 with members Mana (guitar/synthesizer), Közi (guitar/synthesizer), Yu~ki (bass), Gaz (drums), and Tetsu (vocals). However, the lineup changed after Gaz left to join a band called "KneuKlid" and Mana asked Tetsu to leave due to "artistic differences." After Gaz left to join "KneuKlid," their drummer, Kami, joined MALICE MIZER. For a time after Tetsu's departure, they did some instrumental songs and used Közi for the vocals (Color Me Blood Red) before hiring another vocalist.

In 1995, MALICE MIZER finally hired a new vocalist: Gackt. During this time, MALICE MIZER produced more romantic music and more elaborate costumes, both with heavy French influences. However at the peak on the bands success, vocalist Gackt departed. Then once Gackt left to pursue a solo career, they did some more instrumental songs from late 1999 to early 2000.

In 2000, MALICE MIZER hired their last vocalist: Klaha. He was a mysterious vocalist that wasn't unveiled immediately. During this time, MALICE MIZER released music with a mixture of French classical, Gothic-rock, and heavy-metal music. Their outfits lost their romantic French touch and changed to a funereal goth look. Finally in 2001, the band members decided that it was time to go their separate ways.

Groupies (Klaha-era)
Mana & Klaha
Groupies (Gackt-era)
Mana & Gackt Mana & Gackt







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