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General History: (with my annotations) MALICE MIZER was a gothic (supposedly "Gothic Rock," but a lot of their songs don't seem like it to me. It's more like Gothic Opera... o_O*) "Visual Kei" band, whose style is based on gothic French classical music. Their music consists mainly of organs, acoustic bass, violins, and various other instruments. In addition to their powerful music, they also did great stage performances and wore rather unique costumes (if you're new to this, Mana, the ex-leader of this band, has his own clothing line called "Moi Meme Moitie"). The bands' members were Mana (leader,composer, guitarist), Kozi (composer and guitarist), Yu-ki (bassist), Kami (drummer), and 3 vocalists. The first Vocalist was Tetsu, however Mana asked him to leave (...and I understand why...his voice was TERRIBLE!) due to "artistic differences" (yea sure. Why don't people just say that he plain sucked? Oh yea because there are a few people who actually liked his voice...) Then for a time they did instrumental and vocals with Közi (Color Me Blood Red) before hiring Gackt. Then once Gackt left to pursue a solo career, they did some more instrumental songs and finally hired Klaha, a surprise vocalist that they didn't unveil right away. Finally everything was a buncha' mish-mosh since Gackt left, Kami died, and they were basically a dying band (but still loved), so they disbanded. ~The End~ ^_-*


MALICE MIZER was formed in 1992 by Mana and Közi, with Tetsu on vocals, Mana and Közi on guitar/synthesizer, Yu~ki on bass, and Gaz on drums. From the beginning, the band established their trademark "twin guitar" sound, where two guitars play different melodies that, together, become the actual guitar part of a song. MALICE MIZER's sound during the Tetsu-era was a mixture of early 1980s goth and strong classical influences. Their first official release was the song "Speed of Desperate" on the 1993 compilation "Brain Trash." Before this, they had released a demo-tape called "Sans Logique" which contained no vocals. Shortly after the release of "Brain Trash," Gaz left the band to join "KneuKlid Romance," while KneuKlid Romance's drummer, Kami, in turn joined MALICE MIZER. In 1994, the band released their first album, "Memoire," on Mana's newly founded Indie music label, "Midi:Nette." Shortly after, they re-released it with an additional bonus track (Baroque) under the title "Memoire DX." Only days later, vocalist Tetsu left the band, reportedly due to "creative differences."


In 1995, after a year of hiatus, MALICE MIZER hired Gackt as vocalist. Under his influence, the band's music became more romantic, incorporating even stronger classical influences, as well as French pop music. Visually, the band abandoned their 1980s goth look for colorful historical costumes. In 1996, MALICE MIZER released their second album, "Voyage ~sans retour~." The band became increasingly popular and in 1997, they signed with the Major label "Nippon Columbia," where they released a number of successful singles, a short film ("Verte Aile" also called "Bel Air de l'image"), and, in 1998, their first and only major label album, the hugely popular "Merveilles." In addition to this, they even had their own radio show. In January 1999, at the height of MALICE MIZER's success, Gackt left the band to start a solo career, taking a huge part of their fan base with him. MALICE MIZER left "Nippon Columbia" and returned to Mana's Indie music label, "Midi:Nette." A few months after Gackt's departure, drummer Kami died of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, leaving behind a handful of songs, which the band eventually released as part of the mini-album/video boxset, "Shinwa ~ Kami's Memorial Box ~." Kami was never officially replaced. From that point on, MALICE MIZER would only use support drummers (namely Shue, whom is not shown in the band's later and final music videos, nor credited). Kami was always credited as "eternal blood relative" on all their future releases.


In the second half of 1999 and the beginning of 2000, MALICE MIZER, still without an official vocalist, released a number of singles and began to work on a new album. Eventually, they recruited classically trained Klaha, previously a singer with visual-kei/darkwave band "Pride of Mind." By then, the band had abandoned the lighter pop music sound of the Gackt-era for a dramatic mixture of classical music, Gothic-rock, and heavy-metal music, and adopted an elaborate funereal Goth look. In the summer of 2000, they released what would be their last album, "Bara no Seidou," followed by their most spectacular live show ever, featuring pyrotechnics, a choir of veiled nuns and a life size cathedral as stage prop. In 2001, MALICE MIZER starred in a feature length vampire movie, "Bara no Konrei," and released three more singles, amongst them the fan favorite "Beast of Blood," but eventually the band members decided to go their separate ways.

Both Gackt and Klaha are currently pursuing solo careers. Mana has formed his own solo project, "Moi dix Mois," and simultaneously pursues a career as fashion designer for his Gothic Lolita fashion label, "Moi-même-Moitié." He continues to also run his own Indie music label and is looking for bands to sign and produce. Közi has joined Haruhiko Ash's Goth/Industrial band "Eve of Destiny" and also has a solo project. After his departure in 1994, Tetsu has subsequently taken part in a series of bands such as "Zigzo" and "Mega 8-Ball," as well as his most recent being the independently released band "nil." The whereabouts of Yu~ki were unknown until he resurfaced in 2004 as lyric writer of one of Közi's solo songs.

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Credits: I give full credit to Wikipedia.org (and the people who submitted info to them) for the information on Malice Mizer (which I partially edited) which was included on this page.