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I'm NOT including: Asian Kung Fu Generation, Chemistry, Cocco, Do as Infinity, FAKE?, Glay, Kana, Kanno Yoko, L'arc en Ciel, Luna Sea, Miyavi, Orange Range, nor Plastic Tree. There's no way I'm putting up anyone I don't like...unless I'm convinced to (or I just suddenly like a certain artist that I previously hated). Sorry if I offended anyone. But if you really want me to create a section for a particular artist, convince me to like them! (Don't curse me out~ lol) If you manage to successfully persuade me, I shall create a section for that artist and place him/her/them on the main page. If you can't convince me to like a particular artist well...I'll just put him/her/them on the "Miscellaneous Artists" page. ^_^*

(Japanese) Waiting list: 175r, /\ucifer, Aiko, Ai Otsuka, Alice Nine, Aliene Ma'riage, Animetal, Art Marju Duchain, Art-School, Atomic Tornado, Aya, Ayabie, BANG DOLLS, Barby, Beata, BeaU, Betty, bis, Bishop, Blam Honey (I think they're also called "Glamorous Honey"), Blast, Buck Tick, Bump of Chicken, Cari Gari, Clavier, Clothoid+Doll, Crystal Kay, Crecian de Rona, Crunch, Crystal Eyes, Cure, D, Dari, day after tomorrow, Deathgaze, Desrow, d.p.s., Dollis Marry, Doremidan, Due le Quartz, Duel Jewel, Earl Grey, Fairy Fore, Fatima, Gift (Gifuto?), Girotin, Hanamuke, HenzeL, Inugami Circus Dan, Irokui, J, Janne da Arc, Judy and Mary, Karimero, Kisaki & Kansai kizoku, Kishidan, Kokia, Kou Shibasaki, Kra, Kuroyume, Kyosuke Himuro, lab, La'cryma Christi, Laputa, Lareine, La vie en Rose, Love Psychedelico, luvie, lynch., Maaya Sakamoto, Madeth Gray'll, MASK, Mesumerian, Mika Nakashima, Misery, Mr.Children, MUCC, Nakanomori BAND, Never Crazy, Nightmare, Onmyouza, orugo-ru, Panic*Ch, Pashya, Penicillin, Phobia, Poroli, Raphael, Rice, Road of Major, Ryuichi Kawamura, SADS, School Girl '69, Schwardix Marvally, SCISSOR, Shazna, SiD, Sigma, Siva, Smap, schellen, Skull, Snuff, Sowelu, Tackey & Tsubasa, The B'z, The Flare, The Mad Capsule Markets, The Seeker (K-Ito & DK), T.M. Revolution, Tommy Heavenly 6, Tourbillion, Vanilla, Velvet Eden, Vidoll, Vizell, Waive, W-inds, Youjeen (she's Korean, but she sings in Japanese, kinda' like BoA), Zigzo, Zilch, and Zwei.

Undecided: (solo projects) Hizaki, Hora, Kirito, Kyo, Syu.

(Korean) Waiting list: Big Mama, blackbeat, Buzz, Cherry Filter, Chunsangjihee, Clazziquai, Clickb, dami&junior, dana, eagle 5, EVE, fin.k.l, fly to the sky, G. Gorilla, h.o.t., idol, Jang Woo Hyuk, Jaurim, Jewelry, Kangta, Kim Hyun Jung, Kim Jung Min, Kiss, Lee Hyori, Lee Seung Hwan, Lee So Eun, MC Mong, Moon Hee Jun, Nell, Ock Ju Hyun, Sechs Kies, Se7en, S.E.S, Shin Seung Hoon, Solid, Super Junior, Tasha, Tei, The Jadu, to-ya, UN, VIBE, Wheesung, Yoon Do Hyun Band, Youjeen, Yuri Shang Jah.

Undecided: Min Woo Lee, Shin Hye Sung.

(Chinese) Waiting list: A-mei Zhang, Coco Lee, David Tao Zhe, Lin Xin Ru, LMF, Myolie Wu Hang Yee, Qi Xu Ru Yun, Raymond Lam, Ren Xian, Ron Ng Cheuk Hai, Su You Peng, Vivian Hsu, Yen Xi Sun, Yuki Hsu, Zhao Wei, & Zhou Xun.

* Any artist whose name is crossed out doesn't necassarily mean I hate them, but that I never heard any songs by them OR I won't get time (now or probably ever) to make a section on them. @_@* Sorry!

Note: Some of the artists don't have any information listed as soon as you access their page. At the bottom there might be a link to an entire biography on them (because it might have been too much for me to list). Some others might not have any information on the artist(s) at all, and I apologize. I would appreciate any help I can get in progressing this site to a better state (I don't know how else to put it...).

*If you have trouble accessing some pages, it is probably because I have it hosted on a different site. So here's what to do if it just freezes up on you: